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Friday, February 26, 2010

LACOKANOSTRA-H Addresses The Fans

I just want to take a minute to make some things very clear. As of recently, this blog has come under a lot of fire from members of La Coka Nostra, stating that we are fraudulent. In no way are we fraudulent . We never claimed to be a part of LCN or affiliated with LCN. This blog was created to bring La Coka Nostra fans up to date news and promotion regarding the group, due to a lack of information out there. There was no intention in creating problems with La Coka Nostra or representing ourselves as La Coka Nostra. LACOKANOSTRA-H, merely represents that we are promoting La Coka, and the H, that is me, I am H. I am not a member of La Coka Nostra and I have no affiliation to La Coka Nostra. This blog will continue to promote LCN and bring all the fans that visit the most up to date information regarding the group and its members. I hope that this will lay to rest any problems or uncertainties regarding this blog, and also that those who have been checking us out and following us will continue to do so. As long as the numbers are coming in, we will continue to update.


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