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Saturday, February 27, 2010


This is a personal message from H:
I just want to state that this site will now be closed down, due to Ill Bill, Slaine and Everlast turning against us, for trying to promote them. Ill Bill got all upset over the name on our Twitter account, LACOKANOSTRAH, and then decided to turn everyone against us saying that we are impersonating La Coka Nostra. If anyone reads this, I challenge you to find one spot on this page stating that we are La Coka Nostra. I never claimed to be a member of the group. I apologize to the people who were following this site, and I only hope for your sake that the members of La Coka get their acts together and start producing the information. It was because of what was stated by me that Ill Bill finally decided to get the LaCokaNostra1 Twitter page running again, after 5 months of it being dead. Also the LACOKANOSTRAH Twitter was only used to promote this page. I did not try to earn money from this or recieve any other compensation. It was merely a way to bring fans of La Coka Nostra updates and information regarding the group. I never attacked any members of LCN, and in the end, it was Ill Bill who created this problem. If you have any comments for Ill Bill, Slaine, or Everlast, regarding the site, be sure to drop them a message on Twitter. Again it is with regret that I will be closing down, but you can thank Ill Bill for that.

Oh, and chunk kelly, lbl4ever, twisty mcfisty, where ever you are out there.......................................FUCK YOU TOO.

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  1. LOL!
    LCN turning against their fans for starting a page that was intended on supporting LCN?