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Saturday, February 27, 2010


This is a personal message from H:
I just want to state that this site will now be closed down, due to Ill Bill, Slaine and Everlast turning against us, for trying to promote them. Ill Bill got all upset over the name on our Twitter account, LACOKANOSTRAH, and then decided to turn everyone against us saying that we are impersonating La Coka Nostra. If anyone reads this, I challenge you to find one spot on this page stating that we are La Coka Nostra. I never claimed to be a member of the group. I apologize to the people who were following this site, and I only hope for your sake that the members of La Coka get their acts together and start producing the information. It was because of what was stated by me that Ill Bill finally decided to get the LaCokaNostra1 Twitter page running again, after 5 months of it being dead. Also the LACOKANOSTRAH Twitter was only used to promote this page. I did not try to earn money from this or recieve any other compensation. It was merely a way to bring fans of La Coka Nostra updates and information regarding the group. I never attacked any members of LCN, and in the end, it was Ill Bill who created this problem. If you have any comments for Ill Bill, Slaine, or Everlast, regarding the site, be sure to drop them a message on Twitter. Again it is with regret that I will be closing down, but you can thank Ill Bill for that.

Oh, and chunk kelly, lbl4ever, twisty mcfisty, where ever you are out there.......................................FUCK YOU TOO.

Friday, February 26, 2010

LACOKANOSTRA-H Addresses The Fans

I just want to take a minute to make some things very clear. As of recently, this blog has come under a lot of fire from members of La Coka Nostra, stating that we are fraudulent. In no way are we fraudulent . We never claimed to be a part of LCN or affiliated with LCN. This blog was created to bring La Coka Nostra fans up to date news and promotion regarding the group, due to a lack of information out there. There was no intention in creating problems with La Coka Nostra or representing ourselves as La Coka Nostra. LACOKANOSTRA-H, merely represents that we are promoting La Coka, and the H, that is me, I am H. I am not a member of La Coka Nostra and I have no affiliation to La Coka Nostra. This blog will continue to promote LCN and bring all the fans that visit the most up to date information regarding the group and its members. I hope that this will lay to rest any problems or uncertainties regarding this blog, and also that those who have been checking us out and following us will continue to do so. As long as the numbers are coming in, we will continue to update.


Q-Unique, Slaine And Ill Bill Track

Q-Unique, Slaine, and Ill Bill have just released a track onto the internet, Crillionaires. Go to to download the song.


Everlast with his BMW 740i, taken December 2001. Go to for the full article.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Everlast - So Long

From th End Of Days soundtrack from 1999.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Slaine, Ill Bill, And Q Unique Track

Slaine recently posted on his Twitter that he was laying down a verse for a song with Ill Bill and Q Unique. He also posted that the track, entitled Crillionaires, will be leaked in a few days.

New Cypress Hill Song

Cypress Hill has released another song from the upcoming album, Rise Up. Click here for the download of Armada Latina by Cypress Hill, featuring Pitbull and Marc Anthony.

DJ MUGGS x UNDFTD Commercial

This is the commercial DJ MUGGS recently did for the streetwear clothing company, UNDFTD.

Slaine And Ill Bill Tickets Now Available

Tickets are now available for purchase for the Slaine, Ill Bill and DJ Eclipse show in London @ Rhythm Factory in London, England, on May 4th. Go to to purchase your tickets now.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ill Bill Featured On Sadat X's Wild Cowboys II EP

The Wild Cowboys II EP by Sadat X is now available for download on iTunes. The EP features a track with Sadat X and Ill Bill (of La Coka Nostra) entitled, X and Bill. Go to iTunes at to download the EP.

Falside Mixtape

Falside's Mixtape is now available for download at The mixtape includes performances by Slaine, Ill Bill, and B-Real.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Behind the Scenes of the Cypress Hill "Rise Up" Video Shoot featuring Tom Morello

Cypress Hill shoots their video for "Rise Up" with Tom Morello, the title track from their upcoming release due out 4/6/10

Cypress Hill - Rise Up Tracklist And Artwork

1. It Ain't Nothin' (feat. Young De)

Produced by B-Real

2. Light It Up

Produced by Pete Rock

3. Rise Up (feat. Tom Morello)

Produced by Tom Morello and B-Real

4. Get It Anyway

Produced by Jim Jonsin

5. Pass The Dutch (feat. Evidence and Alchemist)

Produced by DJ Muggs and DJ Khalil

6. Bang Bang

Produced by B-Real

7. K.U.S.H

Produced by Sick Jacken and B-Real

8. Get 'Em Up

Produced by B-Real

9. Carry Me Away (feat. Mike Shinoda)

Produced by Mike Shinoda

10. Trouble Seeker (feat. Daron Malakian)

Produced by Daron Malakian

11. Day Destroys the Night featuring Everlast

Produced by DJ Muggs & DJ Khalil

12. I Unlimited

Produced by B-Real

13. Armed & Dangerous

Produced by Jake One and B-Real

14. Shut 'Em Down (feat. Tom Morello)

Produced by Tom Morello and B-Real

15. Armada Latina (feat. Marc Anthony and Pitbull)

Produced by Jim Jonsin

Slaine On A New Track

Slaine recently posted on his Twitter that he is writing a verse for a new track by DJ JS-1. The song will also feature Sick Jack.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Everlast aka Mr Whitey Ford playing a pimp in the 1995 independent film "Bang".(Lucy Liu plays the hooker)

Slaine NEHH Interview

Slaine NEHH Interview

Slaine reached out to so he could connect with his home fans and give us some info on his new CD releases as well as his new film.

Cypress Hill On Bobo Mixtape

Here is the link for the download of the new Bobo Mixtape, which features Cypress Hill.

House Of Pain x GZA x La Coka Nostra Pre-St. Pats Day Jam

Here is the banner for the March 12 show at the Congress Theater in Chicago.
Thanks to for hooking us up with the banner.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shout Out To Fred Durst

Just wanna give a shout to Fred Durst for reppin this site on his twitter And here's a video from MTV 1999 New Year's Broadcast. Limp Bizkit brings out Everlast to perform Jump Around.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Cypress Hill x LA Leakers: Leakers Of The Funk

Here it is.....The Cypress Hill, audio-biography mixtape, by the LA Leakers. Go to for the mixtape download.

Cypress Hill On Dr. Greenthumb

Another video from Los Angeles Leakers featuring Cypress Hill, talking about the track Dr. Greenthumb.

Cypress Hill Talk About Hand On The Pump

In another video from Los Angeles Leakers, Cypress Hill talk about their song, Hand On The Pump. Also, later today Los Angeles Leakers will be dropping an audio-biography of Cypress Hill, entitled Leaders Of The Funk. Check back later for the mixtape download.


Back in 2008, UFC's Dana White, threw an exclusive party for 30 friends at Hollywood's Viper Room. Everlast attended the party which also had a performance from Joan Jett. Pictured above is Everlast with Dana White, and Joan Jett. And below is Everlast, with Dana White, Chuck Lidell and Mandy Moore.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Danny Boy In Vegas

Danny Boy was recently in Las Vegas with Slick from DissIzIt. The two checked out Magic, at The Mandalay Bay and afterwards went to the gun shop to shoot off a couple rounds. Go to to check out more pictures.

Cypress Hill Talks About Insane In The Brain

Here is a video from, where Cypress Hill talk about the release of Insane In The Brain.


Here Is A Classic Performance From Everlast & Helmet. The Song Just Another Victim Appears On The Judgemwnt Night Soundtrack.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Special Teamz - UFC Team Florian

Here is the theme music for UFC fighter Kenny Florian. The song is off of the album Game Of Breath, by Jaysaun of Special Teamz and DJ Revolution, and features Slaine and Edo G.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cypress Hill - Rise Up Debut

Here is the debut of Cypress Hill's, Rise Up featuring Tom Morello. This is the first Single off of Cypress Hill's new album entitled Rise Up, and is also the theme for February's upcoming WWE Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View event, which takes place on February 21.

Ill Bill To Appear On Falside's New Mixtape

Ill Bill is to appear on a track, from Falside's new mixtape. The mixtape will also feature Jaysaun of Special Teamz, and B-Real of Cypress Hill.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cypress Hill - Rise Up, Premiere

Cypress Hill is premiering the new single "Rise Up," featuring Tom Morello, tomorrow on KROQ's Kevin Bean Show in So Cal. Tune in to 106.7 at 8 a.m. in Southern California for the debut.

Cypress Hill To Appear On Bobo Mixtape

Cypress Hill is set to make an appearance on a new mixtape by Bobo.

Official Ill Bill, Slaine And DJ Eclipse Promo

This is a banner just released for the upcoming show, featuring Ill Bill and Slaine of La Coka Nostra and also DJ Eclipse. The show is set to take place on May 4th in London, England @ The Rhythm Factory.

Ill Bill And UG Track

Check out UG (Cella Dwellas) working on his verse for a track with Ill Bill.


Reks In Between the Lines Mixtape Cover

Here Is The Download Link To Reks Rhymes Free Mixtape Featuring Slaine.

Sunday, February 14, 2010



Check Ya Boy reppin' La Coka Nostra

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Inside Everlast's Studio


Here is an inside look into Everlast's studio, and an interesting story about Tupac.
(Scroll Down To Find Story)

Friday, February 12, 2010


August 31st, 2005. Everlast onstage with Steve Van Zandt, to announce the surprise headliner at the CBGB Rally in Washington Square Park.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Slaine To Appear In Freddy Madball Video

Slaine recently posted on his Twitter, that he has just finished shooting a video with Freddy Mad ball and Jaysaun. The video is for the song, "Gunshots," off of Freddy Madball's album.


La Coka Nostra Performs This Is War live on Flow TV.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cypress Hill - It Ain't Nothin, Video Debut

Here it is. The Brand New video from Cypress Hill, entitled, "It Ain't Nothin.

Everlast Key Club DVD To Be Released

A live performance from Everlast that is set to air on HDNet will now also become available on DVD. Check for details on the release of the DVD.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This is a video from DMS affiliate G-Fella, called "Got A Guy." Just For Shits....

Swollen Members Greatest Hits Album Set To Be Released

Swollen Members is set to release their Greatest Hits Album, entitled Ten Years of Turmoil. The album will feature the hit song "Put Me On," featuring Everlast.

Cypress Hill - It Ain't Nothin Video Premiere Tomorrow

Cypress Hill is all set to release the video for "It Ain't Nothin." They said on their blog the video will premiere tomorrow. Also, that the song "Rise Up,"will be the theme music for this months upcoming WWE event, and you can go to and listen to a sound clip of "Rise Up," which features Tom Morello.

Ill Bill Show Rescheduled

Ill Bill's show scheduled for tomorrow in Boston @ Harper's Ferry has been postponed due to bad whether. Ill Bill has assured fans that all tickets will be honoured, and that the show has been rescheduled for May 18th.

Monday, February 8, 2010

House Of Pain Interview From St. Patrick's Day 2009

This is a video interview, from St. Patrick's Day 2009. House Of Pain talk about the group, Boston, and the release of their Limited Edition House Of Pain Adidas Campus '80 shoes.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


This is a pic of Danny Boy from the DissIzIt! Blog. It is an ad for the DissIzIt! HardCore Hat. Check the DissIzIt! page for details at

House Of Pain Performing With GZA

House Of Pain is set to do a concert with GZA of Wu-Tang Clan on Friday, March 12th @ Congress Theatre in Chicago, Il. Check Everlast's Facebook or go to the Congress Theatre web site at

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Slaine Performs @ Benefit Concert for XL

This is a video of Slaine performing, 99 Bottles, live on February 4th, 2010 at a benefit concert for XL.

Friday, February 5, 2010


This is a shot of Everlast live on stage, February 24th, 1999. He is performing at The Warehouse in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The show also featured a performance from Sugar Ray.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ill Bill And Slaine In U.K.

Ill Bill and Slaine will be performing @ The Rhythm Factory in London, U.K. Check back for further information regarding tickets.

Shout Out To Ill Bill And Ticket Info

For upcoming Ill Bill tickets and information visit
I just wanna give another personal shout out, this one going to Ill Bill. Thanks for gettin back at me about the page. Props to you and La Coka Nostra, keep makin real music.


Cypress Hill Performs Tonight

Cypress Hill will perform tonight at a benefit concert for Haiti, held by George Lopez. For tickets, visit Scroll further down to see a live performance from Cypress Hill from their appearance on the George Lopez Show


Everlast - Ends

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Cypress Hill Video Trailer.

There has been a trailer released for Cypress Hill's new upcoming video for "It Ain't Nothin"

A Message From H

"For all those who visit this page, as I have stated we appreciate any feedback. However, any comments that include sick, weird, just disturbing thoughts, I will not publish anything like that. More directly, syco, do not leave your sick, little comments on here. The fans who view this page are here for news, not to hear about your strange lifestyle. I dont' know if you were abused as a child or what, but I suggest you seek some serious mental help."


Banner For Everlast Show

Everlast just recently posted the banner for his March 13th show @ The Mandalay Bay which will also feature B-Real of Cypress Hill.

Shout Outs To Everlast

Yo, I just wanna give a huge shout out to Mr. White aka Everlast for reppin this blog on his Twitter page Much Respect to Everlast, House Of Pain and La Coka Nostra.


Slaine On A New Song

Slaine is set to appear on a track with Black McCloud and RA The Rugged Man.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Slaine & Ill Bill Appearing With DJ Eclipse

Just announced Slaine and Ill Bill of La Coka Nostra will be appearing with DJ Eclipse. The dates are as follows:
February 10th in Boston, MA
February 11th in Providence, RI
February 12th in Portland, ME
February 13th in Sayreville, NJ
February 14th in Brooklyn, NY

Everlast Pre-Grammy Party

Another picture of Everlast appearing at a Pre-Grammy Party.

House Of Pain Tour Date Added

House Of Pain has added another appearance to their tour. March 16th @ The Town Ballroom in Buffalo, NY.

Everlast On HDNet

HDNet will be airing the Everlast show @ The Key Club, from back in October 2009. The concert is set to be aired in the spring. Check back for further updates on the broadcast.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Respect To Slaine

Yo, I just wanna give a big shout out to Slaine. Thanks for checkin the blog out and reppin' my page on your Twitter. I got a lot of Respect for you and La Coka Nostra.


Everlast Backstage At Pre-Grammy Party

Everlast Backstage at the pre-Grammy party, talks about winning the Grammy with Santana for "Put Your Lights On."